Alascotia Siberian Huskies

Our first Champion

Given sleep a month before his 18th birthday on 4th may 2012. RIP Mitchypops x

Champion Alascotia's Michigan. 4 CC's & 4 Rcc,s

CC & BoB. Judge Beryl MacCallum (specialist)
CC & BoB. Judge Anne Marie Kolbe + Group 4 Jean Collins.

CC & BoB. Judge John McManus. 

CC. Judge David Cavill. Manchester 2002.                                    

Plus 2 BIS SSHC. 

Hips 0:1.  Eyes all clear.

  Owned by Michael Fitzpatrick

Mitch had a HUGE fanclub! a firm favourite for his absolutely standard fitting breed type and had personality plus!

Very sorely missed xxx


Michael Fitzpatrick running River & Mitch at SSHC Fun Rally.

Champion Alascotia's Michigan 

Pictured at 4 years



More Champions - The moon litter

Four Champions in one litter, the full litter have clear eye tests.




Ch. Alascotia Moon River (left)

River also won a BIS and a RBIS at club shows

CC's Tracey Pittock (specialist), Mike Stockman & Beryl MacCallum (specialist)

Ch Alascotia Autumnal Moon (right)

Autumn also won 2 BIS &1 RBIS. Also Best Bitch & RBIS at a club show under French working Specialist Mr. Christian Leneuf.

CC's Terry Thorn, Gerald Mitchell & Beryl MacCallum (specialist)

Gone but never forgotten.The record breakers.


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