Alascotia Siberian Huskies

The Alascotia Ancestors


Alascotia's Moondust.  R.I.P

.  05.01.96   -   19.10.2009

Full sister to Ch. Alascotia's Michigan and mother of River and Autumn.

"Dusty" has won 2 RCC's & the KC Good Citizens Bronze award.

Top Brood Bitch in Scotland.  2000, 01 & 02 SSHC.  

Runner-up Top Brood Bitch. 2000 & 2001 SHC of GB.  

Top Brood 2002 SHC of GB

Top Brood Dog World 2001. 

Top Brood Dog World 2002 & 2nd in Group (beaten by only one point!)

Runner-up Top Brood SSHC 2003

We are very proud of Dusty's achievements, as she only had two litters.



From the Beanie x Dusty litter four are Champions, the other two although winning at Ch shows were retired young.

This is an amazing achievement and makes them one of the most successful litters in the breed.





Dusty was unusual in that she was relatively obedient for a Siberian!

Diagnosed with a liver problem at age six we were told we would lose her but she fought hard and lived another eight years

She was a real joy to own and my special baby.



Avik, Velma & Russky

Acryse Nearctic of Alascotia R.I.P

(grandsire of Rio)

 I RCC, 36 BOB's & 2 RBIS at open shows.

Russky, at a photo shoot for Scottish & Newcastle brewers, made a significant contribution to the breed in Scotland, through his progeny. He was our introduction to showing and working. Never forgotten.

Acryse Nearctic of Alascotia at 6 months & 10 years.



Rajarani Winterwolf of Alascotia R.I.P

Was Top Sire SSHC, GB club & Our Dogs

Pictured at 6 weeks old & 10 years

Winter had a huge impact on the breed in Scotland, as many top winning kennels on the trail and the show ring have him in their dogs ancestry.

He was the sweetest natured dog ever, much loved and missed x







Alasams Sweet Dreams of Alascotia.

Pictured 3 years old.

Aisha was the foundation brood of our current day stock. When mated to Winter they produced Tella who in turn was mated to Rio (Russky/Gadzheek grandson) to produce our Dusty the mother of the Record Breaking  Alascotia "Moon dogs".

Phew! simple as that.



Sontells Sorion of Alascotis

Sontells Sorion of Alascotia R.I.P

3 RCC's

(Rio's Pedigree)

My gentle Rio with his sweetheart Tella produced several top winning progeny.

Rio and Tella, sire & dam of Michigan & Moondust.




Alascotia's Tella

Alascotia's Tella R.I.P

Top Brood SSHC

A stunning white who was very much before her time and who would breeze it in the ring today.


Left: Sontells Sorion of Alascotia  is a grandson of Acryse Nearctic of Alascotia & Ch. Zoox Gadzheek

Right: Alascotia's Tella, a daughter of Winter


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